Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time for some Geek-dom

Just a little Doctor who love.

This next clip is from probably one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, I've ever seen. Season fours, 'Silence in the Library'.

Friday, January 2, 2009

the ten

It really was a great year. Lots of learning, growing, and all that barf, friends old &'s of course wonderful. I hope all of you had a good year and this next one will only get better.Alrighty.This is something I've wanted to do for long time, and even thought about doing last New Year's but never got around to it, so when I remembered last night driving home @ 4am I figured I would list my 10 top music pick's for '08. And for anyone that knows me, you know that I'm obsessed with music, new favorite band, new favorite song every week. I love this time of year cause that's when all the lists are made and the polls are out for best new album, best new artist...artists to look into, NPR's top rated ya-da ya-da ya-da. I've found a lot of new favorites.Now before you go on, let me warn you that my list does not nessisarily consist 'completely' of GREAT music being made, it's all my taste and my opinion, these are songs that made an impact in my life during the year of '08. For friends that introduced me so some of these artists, I thank you again.
Yes this is boring, who's mine.

Here is my 10 for '08

10. Lenders in the Temple- CONOR OBERST
This was a recenlty discovered love, but this was a song I listened to on repeat over and over because I couldn't put my finger on just why it 'stood' out to me so. Their simple acoustic rhythm and their 'high in sky' all over lyrics (like the Shins) somehow always find a place to land in my mind." watch your back, the 'Ides of March'....I'd give a fortune to your infomercial if somebody only take my call.....If I miss you, If I loved you well that's my fault..."

9. Wuthering Heights- KATE BUSH
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha is transcending.

8. Starz in their Eyes- JUST JACK
My friend Tyler gave me this CD just before I left for London, I put it on my dad's laptop in Calgary just so I could transfer it over to my ipod before the flight. 'Starz in their Eyes', 'Disco Friends', 'Writer's Block', & 'I Talk to Much' became a sort of anthem for me during the many stressful parts of travel. Something new for someplace new. I listened to that CD constantly.

7. Only Ones who Know- Arctic Monkeys
Hard to explain why this song was constantly on repeat. "Then why ellesse are you writing this stupid note?" Well that's my problem. This song was my night however. "...They made it far too easy to believe that true romance can't be achieved these days...Well I'm sure you could have made it that bit better on your own...."

6. How Can I Stop?- Nancy Elizabeth
Answer to that, cause I can't.

5.Change is Hard- SHE & HIM
I knew that was her real voice, Zooey Deschanel singing in elf! What I didn't know until recently that she was 'She' in the band 'She & Him'. This song I am sure touches a personal level in many a heart but this one was really helpful for me. Isolation crept further away whenever I heard her roaming voice. Beautiful song."I was never enough, but I can try to toughin' up. I heard them when they told me, if he burns ya let him go...Change is hard, I should know..."

4. Death and all His Friends- COLDPLAY
I remember the room specifically. Come last June I was still in London, it was a Sunday night and I was writing my weekly blog sitting in the basement of the Metrogate (F.I.E) house where they had all the laundry machines and computer labs, etc. Coldplay on myspace had uploaded their entire album that you could listen to online, like a week-n-a-half before it was even released! I was listening to it over and over, drilling the songs that would soon become my daily soundtrack. It was after however when coldplay's 4th album 'Viva la Vida or Death and all His Friends' and I finally clicked. I was bymyself, heading back to London from my day at Oxford. I was on the train and alone. The sky was beginning to dark and turn that blue shade everyone I think looks forward to. I played this song over and over, at that moment it was the soundtrack of my life. " come over, just be patient, and don't worry.......and in the end, we lie away and we dream of making our escape....

3. Falling Away with You- MUSE
Yeah yeah yeah, this song's been out since 2003 but this individual song was introduced to me only this year. The song to me is almost perfect and is in itself a perfect unchangable memory of a friend of mine. When I think of that person, this song will stuck get stuck in my head. Weird."All of the love we've left behind watching the flash backs intertwine memories I will never find....memories I will never find"

2. The Hill- Marketa IrglovaThis song was introduced to me from alex, so thanks goes to him for this one. This song to me is mainly just visualy stunning. It's a simple song, sad, a song of warning, and a repeating decending scale of notes on a piano. The girl is the room when I hear this song, I can picture everything. Nothing too personal, this song just always hits me, I'm happy this year that it came along. "...And you'll be just a man that once I used to know..."

1. Life in Technicolor, part II- COLDPLAY.Shock, alarm, coldplay made the number one. I can't describe what this song does to me, I remember hearing ever chord and every new lyric as I listened to it driving down 700E. during my birthday. Life had kind of stomach flopped on me at that moment and it seems that Coldplay always gives me the lift up exactly when I need it. "....gravity release me, and don't ever hold me down... My feet won't Touch the Ground...."

White Winter Hymnal- FLEET FOXES
-'Touch Me I'm going to Scream part II'-MY MORNING JACKET
-Skinny Love- BON IVER
- Fall Apart- CASTLEDOOR
- Kill the Director- WOMBATS
-Black Table-OTHER LIVES. Thanks Chelsea & Grey's
-Masterfade- ANDREW BIRD
-A Cold Wind will Blow through Your Door- BILL RICCHINI
-'Reckoner' and/or 'Just'- RADIOHEAD (Probably because I listened to them on repeat for the entire month of September & August)
-Nicest Thing- KATE NASH
-Grounds for Divorce- ELBOW
-Pick me Up- THE FORMAT
Andvari- SIGUR ROS the perfect lull me to sleep
-Good Enough- AMY LEE
-Song to the Siren- COCTEU TWINS (This one is dedicated to Katy Wroble)
-Love to Me- ADAM GUETTEL (From musical: Light in the Piazza)

SUPPORT PLAYLIST.COM!For those of you who actually read through this, I thank you for some odd reason. Music is for sharing!Love you! And hope this next year only gets better!