Saturday, February 20, 2010

Music Review Blog_check

Project one is well on it's way! I've mentioned earlier that one of my projects for this year was to create two writing projects- and one of them is on it's feet- the bones are there & it's ready to go.  
I've created a 'Tumblr' account for it- and every month I will be adding my grammatical error'd reviews for albums, new artists (maybe artists that aren't new but I think deserve a closer look) movie scores- all that good stuff.  So if you're interested- if you can stand all my comma slices- then please come check out my new music review blog.

As far as life goes- it's tao.  I'm back from my month's excursion in Cedar City- preforming 'Origins' @ ACTF at Dixie State and @ UVU.  Performing it at UVU again next Saturday.  Got my Neil Simon Festival callbacks next saturday @ BYU.  Obviously have enough time on my hands to create my music blog- one of the writing projects I want under my belt- got a job interview for a job here in Salt Lake- excited for my sister to come home today as she's been with her husbands family down in Texas.  Mom & I are enjoying the Olympics', watching Canada sweep the Olympics' as usual.  My Keemo is looking healthy, better than when first came home from Cedar-
So things are good- to be expected.  

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Future creative plans-

Alright- so I've been inspired.

Two projects.

Two new different blogs.

For quite sometime I've had some idea's that I wanted to put into practice.  Recently a friend of mine after hearing previously stated wishes simply told me: well then you should do it.
Funny that all I needed was that phrase to get started.  
So I'm doing it.  Two new blogs, the first: a music blog. With each entry that I've done with 'P.L.A.Y' there's been a bit of music bit @ the end but I want to do a full out Music review blog- where the music (that I investigate monthly anyway) will be review and processed by me- that people can read if they so choose.

The second blog project is one a little more personal to me.  I shall be creating a blog/book of my family.  A family history organized & displayed through monologues.  Recently I was in a production called 'Origins; a Source, a Beginning' (I think I've mentioned it before).  It recently has been remounted and preformed at UTA (Utah Thespian Association) and will performing next week @ the American College Theatre Festival (which I competed in last year).  Yes I am out of college now- but this was submitted before I graduated back from when we did it last April. 'Origins' was where each of us (seven girls) wrote about our 'Origin' one of our defining moments from our lives- I discussed growing up & my family.  Since then I have been inspired- with the amount of dried skeletons in my family's closest, things needed to be exercised.  Nothing too personal- that my siblings or parents or anything would disagree with.... all monologues about the family and family members, all from one point of view.  Some will be beautiful- some will be sad.  It will be my family.
I'm really excited to write it, I've already written a few.  Eventually I'll put it into a book or publish it or something.... it's enough to write about.  

SO those are my plans- I just thought I'd update this blog and & let my few readers or whoever' interested hear some of my future plans.  I'm currently in Cedar for one more week- attending ACTF like I stated earlier in St. George @ Dixie State college.  All of us are real depressed it's not in California like the last two years.  Tomorrow would have meant Disneyland, a tradition it's been for us all to go on the first day (registration "nothing happening" day) at ACTF (which stands for the American College Theatre Festival, for those who don't know).  A week of plays, performances, competitions & for me 'Origins' & 'Next Step' auditions- where I'll be able to have one audition for like 15 representatives of Theatre Company's around the region 8 area.  So here's my fingers crossed for a summer acting gig!

My heart & well wishes go out to my family at this time, especially my mom, keemo (losing weight as ever) & my sister who've been sick since I've left.  Strep, bronchitus- the works it seems like.
Alison- keep up with the Harry Potter (reading it for the first time!)

Hope all of you are well- and again, I'll try to be better with the bloggings.  Expect the new projects I spoke of to surface sometime in the next month- names yet to be chosen.

Signing out!