Thursday, May 28, 2009


"[Pinter]... continues to inspire me by his fearless examination of men and women while searching for answers, hoping for change, raging for equality-- but never ducking for cover.  Who can ask for more?  What I really admire about Pinter's work-- and strive for in my own-- is that the point of it is not merely to upset people, but that what's being addressed is worth getting upset over." -Neil Labute
As always I'm delving deeper and deeper into one of my favorite playwrights, Neil Labute.  He stings, boy I'll tell ya, but I really just love him.  People have favorite authors, works they like to read, and Neil Labute is sure one of my favorite playwrights.  So far I've read:
-Fat Pig
-Shape of Things
-Some Girls 
-Reasons to be Pretty
-The Distance from Here
... and most of Bash... and am currently reading 'This is How It Goes'.  Though some would argue that he is too brutal and that is plays are too truthful at showing life as it is, I would argue that Labute show's us the natural man yes, but that the flaws can be re-arranged... if only we wanted to improve.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blogs are Back!

It's been so long!!

But I am writing to you now with many new changes...  ha ha I was about to type 'many new changes under my belt' but no, not that many changes, ha ha, but changes nonetheless.  
One of the biggest changes is that I GRADUATED! Yeah, a bachelors in Performing Arts in Theatre performance with a minor in History.  I'm not going to lie, last semester was a real hard one.  (That's what you get for taking 21 credits) and taking some time off school is really something I plan on enjoying.
Which means.... enter working world. 
"Ellesse, what are your plans?"
I'm working at the ticket office (actually as a supervisor) again at the Utah Shakespearean Festival and will work the summer & fall season.  I plan to move back to Salt Lake City and find a job (hopefully theatre related) in December after the season ends.  So like I said, hopefully find a job theatre related but my main goal these days (this next year really) will be 'make money'.  With luck, it will be an easy goal to accomplish to get nearer to my ultimate goal- Moving to London.
I estimate to have enough money by the end of next summer, so that's my tentative plan.  I know plans are made, and then life takes a look @ those plans and shakes everything up, but hey... you have to have a plan and that's mine.  
But many things have happened- my dear friend Alex and beloved cousin Talmage left on missions.  I went on a CRUISE!  Yes, it was a wonderful cruise some friends and I went on to Catalina & also planned to go to Ensenada but with all the scary things happening in Mexico these days decided against it.  It departed from San Diego, my first time in that city but I really didn't get to see much of it to be honest, and we left last monday and stayed overnight in Vegas @ a friends house.  It was nice going around the strip and getting hit on by greasy Elvis impersonators.  We arrived the next day in San Diego.  It was on the Carnival Elation and let me tell you, it was the life.  Doing what you want, seeing some really cheesy entertainment, hanging & sunbathing with friends, eating, eating, eating, eating... oh and don't forget seeing a bunch of rather large people and parts of their bodies in swimming suits that I didn't wish to see, ever...
at all in my life.  But yeah, it was fabulous.  And I plan to post pictures up soon.  Most of them I'll steal from my friends on facebook as I didn't take my camera (I can't find my battery/battery charger).
So not really much to complain of these days- I'm back at work learning the ropes to become a supervisor as my boss will be having twins.  My old London program is back in London currently, making me quite depressed.  They saw Warhorse last week and they'll be seeing Waiting for Godot with Sir McKellen this Saturday and I just can't stand it.  I'm gonna beg to be flown out there for like a weekend just to see Warhorse alone, I want to see it so badly.
Its a wonderful play which is basically saving the theatre scene economically over in London, with it's remounted production currently going on in the West End, it originally went up on the Olivier Stage of the National Theatre.  About a horse and his boy, and the horse is pulled to be one of the horses in the front line during WWI.
On top of that, friends are coming and going, and I'm just working.  I hoping to get time off to go to Canada with the fam for 1st of July so keep your fingers crossed..
Oh AND I SPRAINED my ankle!  I was on my way to church (hurray, I can finally go to church I haven't gone in like 3 weeks) and what do I do?  I look to the left step off a curb and totally POP.  Hurt real bad, and this guy came over and gave me a ride home.  It actually would have been a cute moment had I not been so pathetic.  Since then I've been living at my friend's house for company.  So yeah, I'm Richard III.  

My life probably won't be that exciting, not too much to report weekly but I do want to keep people updated who wish to be.  Look forward to seeing a blog every two weeks or so... again I'll be at the festival and online almost everyday, all day.  

Love you whoever you are,