Sunday, July 25, 2010


As you can see I'm choosing to retool my blog. It was in need of a renovation- perhaps that would inspire me to want to write more. I took a little blog hiatus but the time has come to give it new life again...
A few things that you may have missed since the last night I wrote in- we're gonna do this in bullets:

-attended and finished ACTF. My dear friend Suki received a thousand dollar scholarship to attend a Playwrighting/Directing/Acting New Works workshop for two months in New York City for it. (where she is currently at as I type)

-Hye Soo & Eric combined their lives together and were married beginning of this year- they are now pregnant and are expecting a baby boy @ the end of this year.

-I finally got a job, two in fact. I currently am working as a Ticket Agent for Utah Symphony/Utah Opera, AND as Front of House Manager @ the Deer Valley Music Festival up in Park City Utah on the weekends.

-Learned how to ride a motorcycle
-Alison finally finished Harry Potter
-Ali & Dan got some chickens so we've all been getting rural.

-I was in my first paid professional gig this last Spring (first of many let's hope). Meat & Potato Co. production of Everyman and we performed for three weeks @ the Rose Wagner Theater downtown. I played the roles of 2nd Horseman (War), God, Goods, and a Devil.

Anything else important? Been on two dates, took two trips to Canada, visited my old home in Washington.... a little over two weeks ago my best friend, my little white dog Keemo went on ahead and we put him to sleep. It was very hard but a perfect send off to the friend who's been a tender mercy for me & my family since he came into our lives fifteen years ago.
Finished Lovely Bones, Wuthering Heights, & am now starting my Jane Austen's with Northanger Abbey. Attended some concerts: Ben Folds, The Twilight Sad, Beirut & the worst concert ever- Modest Mouse. (They performed great when you could hear 'em- the crowd was awful!)
With my new job I'm staying true and loyal to my goal to move to London in about a year and a half. I had to add 6 months to that goal as it took me sixth months to actually find a job...
I'm going to start to make weekly goals to stay on track with some of the creative projects that I've wanted to undertake. For example, my Music Blog that I mentioned last February is well on it's way and I should be adding information on a new band within this week... but I also want to get started on my Family Monologues.

So a bunch of projects- but that'll be good as I've got some time to kill.

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The Lawlor's said...

It's about stinkin' time!

Welcome back.